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  • Updated SOP Coming Soon.

How to Reserve Guest Housing

  1. Please ensure funding is approved prior to making reservations.
  2. Blocks of rooms / Group reservations:  Submit your request in RFMSS for E7 and up.  Please be sure the correct POC is listed on the RFMSS request.  For questions / help with RFMSS requests please contact the RFMSS coordinator at 7417. RFMSS
  3. You will receive an email with either an approval or disapproval of the request.  
  4. Once the RFMSS request is approved, a by name roster should be submitted to USPFO for approval.  (See example roster) Sample Roster
  5. Rooms need to be scheduled or at least 45 days out, or as soon as identify the need.
  6. Due to COVID-19 mitigations, we request 1 person to draw and turn in a unit's or organizations keys.
  7. For individual reservations: 
    By Phone - 502-607- (7926) (7925) (7928)  

General Information

Check in 1300
Check out 1100

Room Rate: $25.00 a night
DVQ Room Rate: $40.00 a night

Room Rate: $35.00 a night
DVQ Room Rate: $55.00 a night

Coffee provided in Building 321 Common Area

For any other questions you can call the billeting manager at 502-607-7926 or the billeting clerk at 502-607-7928.

WHFRTC Schedule

Calendar of currently scheduled trainings. Internal KYARNG users only

Scheduling Contacts