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Additional Training Aids

HMMWV Egress Assistance Trainer (HEAT):

Trains Soldiers on the effects of rollover and conduct drills that will provide the skill and ability to react properly during a rollover and/or emergency egress situation.
Watch it in action.

‚ÄčImprovised Explosive Device Effects System (IEDES): 

Aids the Army and Joint communities in training operational support tasks, conditions, and standards needed to achieve DoD IED defeat objectives.

Laser Combat Collective Action Training System (LCCATS):

Can be used for MOUT operations, reflexive fire training, Close Quarters Marksmanship (CQM), and movement to contact drills.  This training system is a perfect tool for leaders to teach their teams perishable marksmanship survival skills in combat.

Un-stabilized Gunnery Trainer-Individual (UGT-I) (M2, MK19, M240B): 

Trains and sustains Target Engagement skills with the aid of synthetic crew members and a synthetic instructor that provides voice prompts to the trainee via the headset.

Virtual Battle Space System (VBS3): 

Allows Leaders to instruct doctrine, conduct rehearsals, refine Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and enhance communications techniques through the conduct of squad and platoon level virtual training.