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10/25 Range


Basic 10/25 meter range used for:  CQM Live-fire, M16/M4 Series zero and Alt-C qualification, M240 10 meter zero and record fire, M249LMG/AR 10 meter zero and transition record fire, Non-Lethal Munitions Training, Shotgun Familiarization/Qualification, 9mm MPFQC and Civilian LE Weapons training/qualification.
Firing Points:
  • 32
Weapons & Ammunition:
A011, A059, A062, A064, A111, A119, A124, A363, A413, AA33, AA49, AA51, AA52, AB57, AB58, AB73, and AB77.
Wooden target stands for:  M16/M4 Zero, E Type Silhouette, LEWTAQ, 10 Meter ABCD MG.
Range Safety:
  • OIC (E-6 and Above) and RSO (E-5 and Above) Required.
  • OIC and RSO must receive the GTC-KY Range Safety Brief.
  • Minimum of Combat Life-Saver required.