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M16/M4 Qualification Range

Fully automated standard 300 meter rifle qualification range capable of computer scoring primarily used for Individual Weapons Qualification, CBRN, and Night Fire.  
Firing Points:
16 Firing Positions
  • Throughput: 48 Soldiers per hour.
Weapons & Ammunition:
Rifles - 5.56mm BALL (Tracers on night fire ONLY).
Ammunition: A011, A014, A015, A017, A058, A059, A062, A063, A064, A065, A066, A068, A070, A071, A072, A073, A075, A080, AA12, AA21, AA33, AB57, AB58, AB74, and AB77.
Megitt target lifter mechanisms radio controlled w/“F” Type silhouettes furnished on site.
Range Safety:
  • OIC (E-6 and Above) and RSO (E-5 and Above) Required.
  • OIC and RSO must receive the GTC-KY Range Safety Brief.
  • Minimum of Combat Life-Saver required.