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Integrated Training Area Management Program

The Integrated Training Area Management (ITAM) program is a core program of the Sustainable Range Program and is responsible for maintaining the land to help the Army to meet its training requirements. This requires understanding and balancing Army Training requirements and land management practices.

The ITAM Program relies on its four components and an integrated management from HQDA, ACOM/ASCC/DRU, and installations to accomplish its mission. The four components are Training Requirements Integration (TRI); Range and Training Land Assessment (RTLA), Land Rehabilitation and Maintenance (LRAM), and Sustainable Range Awareness (SRA). These components combine to provide the means to understand how the Army's training requirements impact land management practices, what the impact of training is on the land, how to mitigate and repair the impact, and communicate the ITAM message to soldiers and the public. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a foundational support element that provides location information that assists land managers in making their decisions.