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​General Information

The WHFRTC Supply and Services Section are responsible for issuing and receiving all installation property and supplies. Troop Housing, Chargeable Housing, Classrooms, Headquarters Building, Shower Buildings, Simulation Buildings, and housekeeping supplies are available upon request. All support requests must be received NLT 30 days prior to execution, and units will confirm requests either in person or via phone call NLT 15 days prior. Requests outside this timeline will be denied; exceptions to policy must be approved by the Base Operations Manager. A support request will consist of the WHFRTC Support Agreement (DD Form 1144) and an equivalent MIPR (if applicable).

How to Request Logistics Support

All requests must be submitted via email to​

  1. Ice Requests must be submitted no later than 30 days prior.
  2. Latrine and dumpsters must be requested 30 days prior.
  3. Linen requirement will be requested prior to arrival at WHFRTC.
  4. Submit the date and time of when you want to sign for requested facilities via email.
  5. Coolers and freezers are requested through logistics and issued upon arrival.


  1. Organizations outside of the KYARNG and KYANG will incur costs for use of facilities.  See details in the RFMSS Library.

Contact the logistics section for additional support.

Logistics OIC: (502)607-7938
Logistics NCOIC: (502)607-7912
Food Services Technician- (502)607-7404