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Tenant Units

​​Wendell Ford houses several tenant units on site that contribute to the overall success of the training site.


UTES (Unit Training and Equipment Site), which is located across the highway from the cantonment area, is responsible for maintenance and repairs on military vehicles both wheeled and tracked. Units who are experiencing issues with their equipment may contact UTES in order to have their equipment serviced.

238th Training Regiment

The 238th Training Regiment is home to OCS (Officer Candidate School). As well as running the OCS class the 238th is host to various training courses including MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) training, ASI (Additional Skill Identifier), and NCOES (Non-Commissioned Officer Education System).

Fire Fighting Teams

Wendell Ford is also home to three Fire Fighting teams. The 176th, 177th, and 178th Fire Fighting teams. Their purpose is to provide fire fighting support in a theatre of operations as well as federal and state emergencies.

​​​ Mission Statement

To provide fire fighting service support and engineer sustainment support in a theatre of operations as organized. On order, will conduct other sustained operations in support of Federal and State emergencies.

130th Engineer Support Company

130th Engineer Support Company Mission: The 130th is an air mobile engineer company with two Engineer Support Platoons and Vertical Construction Platoon. The unit is designed to construct roads and trails, maintain roads, maintain and repair airfields, construct UAS airfields. The 130th ESC often supports the Training Site in the maintenance of the 44 miles of road on the post and other construction and maintenance endeavors.


The 130th ESC is under the Command of the 206th Engineer Battalion in Owensboro, KY.