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Information Technology (IT)

Public Access Points

D​​oD enabled access points are available in multiple buildings around WHFRTC. Non-KYARNG visitiors bringing their own government issued devices will require permission to join the network. Let the Logistics section know prior to arrival that you will be bringing your own equipment, and they will provide you with the proper paperwork.

Tips for Non-KYARNG Units

Ensure that all personnel who are going to use a computer log onto that computer prior to arrival. Once at WHFRTC, personnel will not be able to log onto a computer if they never have before.

Units should bring a person with administrative access. We do not have administrative access to non-KYARNG computers.

If you wish to access your Outlook email account, ensure that your VPN client is configured properly. If you are unsure, your DOIM should be able to help you. We can not configure VPN clients for non-KYARNG users.

Site Capabilities

Multi-Purpose Classroom Building (Building 329)

  • 5 Classrooms
    • 3 projector screens with projectors
    • Data ports
    • Each rooms are able to be divided into two.
    • Public Wifi
  • Auditorium
    • Projector screen with projector
    • 4 ceiling mounted 50" Plasma Televisions
    • 1 data port and power plug per seat
    • Smart podium control system
    • Video tele-conferencing system
    • 14 speaker surround sound system and sub-woofer
    • Public Wifi
  • Distance Learning Classroom
    • 12 DTTP computers
    • 12 KY computers
    • Projector screen with projector
    • Video tele-conference system

Headquarters Building (Building 332)

  • Conference Room
    • Video tele-conference system
    • Large screen plasma for computer presentations.

Chargeable Housing (Buildings 304, 305, 312, 313, 320, 321, 322, 323, & 324)

  • Every room has one analog phone line.
  • Every room has at least one dual access data port.
  • Cable television.

Open Bay Barracks (Buildings 303, 306, 310, 311, 314, 315, & 316)

  • 4 analog phone lines. (Commander, 1SG, Supply, and Admin clerk.)
  • Data ports
  • Cable access (No television installed)

Battalion Headquarters Building (Building 330)

  • 10 analog phone lines
  • Data ports

238th Training Regiment (Building 300)

  • Auditorium
    • Projector screen with projector
    • Smart podium control system
    • Data ports and power plugs in audience
    • Surround sound speaker system

Simulation Center (Building 160)

  • Projector screen with projector
  • Video tele-conferencing system
  • Surround sound system
  • Smart podium control system
  • data ports
  • analog phone lines

TOC (Tactical Operations Center) Pads

  • 13 pads total
  • Each has fiber ran to the panels beside the pads. 
    If you would like a switch to be placed near a pad, it must be requested and signed out.
  • Able to patch telephone lines to pads


  • SFC Alley- (502)607-7851
    SPC Grimm- (502)607-7218